AAES Position Statement on Licensure.

Professional Engineering Licensure

The member societies of AAES are united in their support for the concept of professional engineering licensure. AAES members encourage all qualified individuals who practice engineering to pursue licensure, as doing so is in the best interest of both the public and the profession.

AAES members recognize that professional engineering licensure is an effective means of protecting the public's health, safety, and welfare because it sets the legally recognized standard of practice under state law and regulation that is based on an engineer’s education, experience, examinations and other relevant qualifications.

Furthermore, AAES members support requirements for continuing professional development. By incorporating lifelong learning into their requirements for license renewal, licensing authorities help ensure that professional engineers maintain a minimum level of competency for as long as they practice the profession.

AAES members acknowledge that there are differences among the member organizations of AAES regarding some of the specifics of the model requirements for engineering licensure.

Adopted by the AAES Board of Directors – April 2012