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AAES is the U.S. federation for engineering and engineering-related professional societies. AAES strives to complement, but not compete with, the existing good work of member societies by serving as a platform to collectively achieve what individual engineering societies cannot do alone.

If your society is interested in learning more about becoming an AAES member society, please email

Member Benefits Include:

  • A vote and seat on the AAES General Assembly where member societies engage in policy discussions and educational sessions on issues of importance to the engineering profession.
  • Participation in the AAES Working Groups which work on issues in specific areas of engineering. 
  • Additionally, member societies are able to initiate new Working Groups to create collaborative partnerships with other member societies on issues of importance. 
  • Participation in the global arena through the International Activities Working Group.  AAES is the U.S. representative to the World Federation of Engineering Organizations (WFEO).


  • Engineering Workforce Commission (EWC) data; AAES serves as the authoritative source for accurate, objective reports on engineering workforce statistics, salaries and engineering enrollments and degrees through its EWC subsidiary.  AAES’s EWC annually publishes:  Engineering & Technology Degrees, Engineering and Technology Enrollments, and Engineering Salary Survey.
  • The AAES Awards program which recognizes engineering excellence by honoring lifetime achievement, contributions to the welfare of the nation, engineering journalism and communication of engineering.

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