Engineering Competency Model

AAES and the U.S. Department of Labor (USDOL) have developed of an Engineering Competency Model ("the model") to serve as a guide for the development of the engineering workforce. The model outlines the core competencies for advancement and success in the engineering profession.

AAES Receives Top ASAE Honors for Its Engineering Competency Model

AAES has earned a 2016 American Society of Association Executives (ASAE) Power of A (association) Gold Award for the Engineering Competency Model. ASAE’s Power of A Awards, the industry’s highest honor, recognize the association community’s valuable contributions on the local, national and global levels. The awards reward outstanding accomplishments of associations and industry professionals for their efforts to enrich lives, create a competitive workforce, prepare society for the future, drive innovation and make a better world.


Outreach/Educational Materials

Would you like to communicate with others about the value of the model and the importance of the skills and abilities it outlines? Whether your audience is current or prospective engineering students, association leaders, or practicing engineers, the materials below will help you make a successful presentation.  



Developing an engineering competency model was identified as a key priority by AAES to help educators, employers, professionals and future engineers understand the knowledge and skills needed to thrive in the workplace. AAES collaborated with the U.S. Department of Labor’s (USDOL) Employment and Training Administration, to build the model and provide a universal template for the knowledge, skills and abilities necessary not only for entering the engineering profession but also for maintaining competency and proficiency during one’s career.

Stakeholders across the engineering community, from industry, private practice, and academia, worked with AAES and the USDOL through a year-long process of feedback, input, and drafting to discuss how the model could be a useful tool for engineering-related societies and the overall engineering community in the future. The AAES General Assembly approved the Engineering Competency Model in April 2015 and it was published on the USDOL’s Competency Model Clearinghouse website on July 9, 2015.


This project was funded by a generous grant from the United Engineering Foundation.



We are seeking support from broader industry and stakeholders. If you have feedback or questions about the Engineering Competency Model, please contact AAES's Melissa Prelewicz or contact us online.