Thomas C. Katsouleas

Thomas C. Katsouleas became the Vinik Dean and Professor of Electrical and Computing Engineering at the Pratt School of Engineering in July 2008. Dean Katsouleas received his bachelor's and Ph.D. in physics from the University of California, Los Angeles. He joined the faculty at UCLA and later at the University of Southern California where he served as Associate Dean of Engineering and Vice Provost of Information Technology Services. His research interests include the use of plasmas as novel particle accelerators and light sources, for which he received the 2011 Plasma Science Achievement Award from the IEEE. During his tenure at Duke, he’s overseen significant growth in the research and graduate programs at Pratt, which has been one of the fastest-rising engineering schools in national rankings over the past five years. He also co-led the founding of the NAE Grand Challenge Scholars program for undergraduate students, which has been endorsed by the National Academy of Engineering and is currently in development at more than 65 engineering schools across the nation.